How to Pair Cricut Maker to Phone? [Complete Summary]

Did you recently purchase the electric cutting device to create your customized projects but need clarification about how to pair Cricut Maker to a phone? Nowadays, two kinds of software can be found in smartphones, i.e., Android & iOS. Each software has unique features, but the standard part you’ll find while using it is that it quickly gets paired with the Maker model.

Cricut has launched different machine versions for designing crafts. Still, the most preferred by the crafter is the Maker model. Through its sharp blades, it can easily cut & die thin to thick materials for various projects. It’s time to dive into the article and grab more details about pairing this device to the phone.

System Requirements for Smartphones

Do you prefer smartphones over Personal computers for completing different kinds of activities? Let’s have a little talk about the system requirements to create personalized projects.

All Android users must have 8.0 or its updated version to pair the devices smoothly. Meanwhile, iPhone or iPad users must have iOS 12 or its later version. In addition to that, you all are informed that the Google Chromebook doesn’t support this machine.

As time passes, the system requirements will also change for upgrading the machine and smartphone software. After learning about the necessary system requirements, you are advised to know about the different tasks you are supposed to complete during the connection procedure.

Tasks to Do While Pairing Maker Machine With Android/ iOS

All the users must complete the following tasks while pairing up the Maker device with the smartphone. It’s essential to complete all the tasks; otherwise, it will result in facing difficulties during the process:

  1. Installing Design Space App.
  2. Pairing a Smartphone via Bluetooth.
  3. Using USB Cable to pair with the machine

After getting the overview of the tasks, you can get an explanation of the study that will help you.

How to Install the Design Space App on Devices?

While crafting any customized project on the Maker machine, the Design Space application/program plays a crucial part. Inside the app, you’ll find unlimited images, fonts, and ready projects. This program will give an appealing look to the audience.

It supports all kinds of software, i.e., Windows/Mac, Android/iOS. Those with a PC (Mac/Windows) can download this program from Cricut’s official website. On the other hand, if you want to create the design on your smartphone, you can open Google Play Store (Android users) & App Store (iPhone users).

Following the installation of the Design Space program in the devices, the next step included in the process is connecting the Maker with Bluetooth. Have a look at the description in the following section of the article.

How to Connect Smartphone With Maker Via Bluetooth?

If you want to connect Maker without technical glitches, wireless technology, i.e., Bluetooth, is a perfect choice. To connect a smartphone using Bluetooth to a Maker device, you have to follow these steps:

For Android

  1. Commence the procedure by scrolling down the screen.
  2. Then, tick the Bluetooth icon.
  3. Once the app is closed, turn on Bluetooth.
  4. After that, the next screen will open.
  5. Search for the Maker option.
  6. Select it and enter the PIN code (if prompted).
  7. Followed by that, your device will easily get connected to it.
  8. Now, you can enjoy it by opening the Design Space and creating your design.

For iOS

  1. First, you have to tick on the Settings icon.
  2. Second, select Bluetooth and tap Turn Bluetooth On.
  3. Now, after turning on the Bluetooth, tap on the Maker machine.
  4. Further, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN.
  5. Your device will get connected to the required model.
  6. Lastly, you can now open the Design Space and resume your work.

Other than connecting the Android/iOS via phone, you can complete the connecting process using the USB cord.

How to Connect a Smartphone and Maker Via USB Cord?

Besides connecting the smartphone via wireless technology, you can also connect your respective smartphone by choosing USB Cord. Though the method of connecting Windows/Mac with Maker is the same, you don’t have to take any tension.

  1. In the first stage of the process, you need to switch on the machine and your smartphone.
  2. Insert the USB cord in the cord space & maintain a certain distance.
  3. Open the Cricut home page and download the Design Space on your respective device.
  4. Followed by the completion of the installation procedure, you have to create your account.
  5. At last, your device will detect Cricut (Maker Device) and will download the appropriate drivers.


By pairing the Android/iOS smartphones with Cricut, the crafter can easily shift their saved project to the machine. It will help them to get the best design for the project that will be used for various occasions.


Question: Why is my Cricut Maker not connecting with Bluetooth?

Answer: There can be multiple reasons why the Maker device isn’t connecting with your smartphone, which include: Machine Communication Error, Error Code 4: Offline Content, Error Code: 10000, and many more.

Question: How to Cricut reset the Maker machine?

Answer: To reset the Maker machine, you’ve to turn off your Cricut device. Hold the button below the Menu and above the Menu Dropbox. Keep pressing them a few times till the screen turns rainbow. Then release both buttons.

Question: Can I connect my Maker without a USB cable?

Answer: In case you don’t have USB Cable, you can connect the Maker machine via Bluetooth to the devices to transfer the projects.

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