7 Amazing Cricut Home Decor Projects to Beautify Your Space

Cricut machines are versatile tools that you can use to create almost anything. Congratulations if you have become the proud owner of a new Cricut machine. Now you must be wondering which DIY projects you should try first. Maybe you just can’t decide if you’re just too happy to own a Cricut machine. Let us help you there; why not start with something that you can use to decorate your home? If you bought a Cricut Maker or Maker 3, you can create Cricut home decor projects easily. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1.  Address Sign

Various Cricut home decor projects can help you to customize your curb appeal. One such project is address signs that help others identify your address and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Most people spray paint their house number onto the plywood, it does the job, but it’s not unique. You must be creative if you want your address sign to stand out. For this project, you will need wood, preferably basswood, glue, fine grit sandpaper, metallic finish paint, spray paint, and clear spray paint. You will need the knife blade and Strong Grip mat to cut the wood.

2.  Custom Doormat

Instead of using the standard Welcome mat, why not greet your guests or visitors in style with your favorite quote or quirky phrases? You will need a coir mat and flex seal colors for this project. A coir mat is a heavy-duty mat made of eco-friendly natural coir fibers. The coir mats also give great hold to the flex seal. You must also have basic knowledge of cutting, weeding, and transferring adhesive vinyl.

3.  Key Holder

A key holder keeps your keys in check; you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys in your own house. A key holder is one of the easiest DIY projects. You can use this DIY key holder to hold your keys and other little things such as a key leash, lanyard, or regular ole key ring. It would also make a great gift for friends or family. For this project, you will need a wooden plank, Cricut stencil, removable adhesive vinyl, outdoor paint, and removable adhesive vinyl.

4.  Wall Art

Hanging Wall Art is the most common way to accentuate your home’s aesthetic appeal, but this wall art doesn’t come cheap. The DIY wall art will help you beautify your home; the best part is you won’t have to empty your bank account. You can make almost any image you love into an amazing DIY wall decor, and it also doesn’t require messy spray paint. All you need to do is print the image and frame it. You can even take it to the next level using colored paper and vinyl to make your wall decor bright and colorful. You can design it in such a way to match your living room color palette.

5.  Family Celebration & Birthday Board

We are sure that it must have happened to you and that you forgot about an important family event or a family member’s birthday due to work. A family birthday and celebration board will ensure you never forget another birthday or important family celebration again. You can set a reminder on your mobile, but it’s much cooler and cuter. To make this cute yet functional date board, you will need a handful of items such as 1/16″ basswood, hooks, eyescrews, jump rings, self-adhesive vinyl, copper metallic paint, and white chalk paint.

6.  Cricut Clock

For those who are having a hard time finding a clock that goes with your home decor, you will be happy to know that you can create your clock with Cricut vinyl. If you are a beginner or an expert craftsman, you can easily create your own clock with just a few handfuls of items such as Cricut permanent vinyl, 3D clock hands, transfer tape, and giant wall clock SVG. You will also need some tools along with the Cricut machine, including the Weeding tool and vinyl scraper. 

First, download the SVG file, upload it on Design Space, and send it to your Cricut machine. The machine will cut out the numbers from the design. Then, add the 3D clock hands, and that’s all.

7.  Etched Mirror

You would like this project if you are a movie or series lover. The mirror is a normal yet useful household item we use daily, but nothing is unique. You can etch the mirror with your favorite movie or series character. For example, you can etch the picture of characters from Harry Potter movies so the movie is quite popular. For this, you need to ensure the mirror’s surface is clean.

Download the SVG file, upload it to the Design Space app, and send it to the Cricut machine to be cut. Remove access vinyl using the weeding tool. Use transfer tape to transfer the image and a scraper to smooth the transfer tape. Place the image on the mirror using the scraper to rub the transfer tape. Make sure that no bubbles are formed around the inside edge. Next, using a small brush, add the etching cream to the inside of the vinyl and leave it for 15 minutes. Using an X-acto knife, remove the vinyl from the mirror.


Can Cricut be used to draw pictures?

You can use the Cricut machine to draw almost everything besides cutting and crafting. You will need Cricut Infusible Ink pens and install them in clamp A of your Cricut machine. Then in Design Space, you must change the line type from ‘Cut’ to ‘Draw.’

What Cricut machine is best suitable for wood projects?

Cricut Maker and Maker 3 would be your safest bet for wood projects. The Cricut Maker models have more cutting force than machines from the Explore series. The knife blade can cut thicker materials but is exclusively designed to work with the Maker series.

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